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FEH-Odin's Story (Reddit x-post) by Nintendraw FEH-Odin's Story (Reddit x-post) :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 7 1 Pkmn-Yuna (Latias) sketch-ref by Nintendraw Pkmn-Yuna (Latias) sketch-ref :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 13 2 FE Custom Cards by Nintendraw FE Custom Cards :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 13 11
[FE:SD] Miss Me a Little, But Let Me Go
He felt the blow before he saw it, even though that wicked blade had not been aimed at him. In slow motion, he saw his captain fall from the saddle, golden hair and sable coat spilling out behind him as if to escape the truth. His captain was invincible. He couldn’t possibly fall here.
He remembered day he’d met him, the first time he’d enlisted in the Sable Order. He remembered his disbelief that the man who would lead him was little older than he. Astonished words tumbled from his lips before he could stop them: Pardon me; where is the commander? Can you take me to him?
His captain had only smiled in that way that indicated he was amused, but understood. He’s standing right here, Belf. I am the commander you seek. Welcome to the Sable Knights.
Over time, he came to know why the other knights loved him so. His captain was a humble man, raised from the border farmlands to a place in nobility at
:iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 1 4
[FE:H] Nino is Disappoint (Digi and Trad) by Nintendraw [FE:H] Nino is Disappoint (Digi and Trad) :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 23 0
Medicine’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?
I remember a time when any pathogen, anywhere, could kill us. The threat of impending death always kept us on our toes. When would the next zoonotic strike? Who knew whether the next one would be another Swine Flu or another Black Plague? When would the Spanish Influenza jump the species boundary and kill us all again?
That was the reason why I joined the WHO straight out of college. I knew that if we could just halt the process of species-jumping, we would be safe. There would be no new influx of disease. Medicine was advanced enough that we could, in time, cure all the diseases left to us. Whatever we didn’t cure, nature would—after all, that’s what happened to herpes and the common cold.
It took some time, but eventually we hit upon a genetic nexus that controlled the ability of viruses to jump between species. So simple; so universal—it’s incredible we could have overlooked it so long. We turned CRISP
:iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 2 2
FEH-Sirius icon by Nintendraw FEH-Sirius icon :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 11 8 [FE:SD MMD WIP] Michalis? by Nintendraw [FE:SD MMD WIP] Michalis? :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 16 17 [FE:SD MMD] Captured, Closer by Nintendraw [FE:SD MMD] Captured, Closer :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 11 0 [FE:SD MMD] Captured by Nintendraw [FE:SD MMD] Captured :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 13 18 TDA Head Edit Progression by Nintendraw TDA Head Edit Progression :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 76 12 TDA Wide-Eyed Male Face [DL] by Nintendraw TDA Wide-Eyed Male Face [DL] :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 267 40 [MMD] Nenige no Reset (Yukari) by Nintendraw [MMD] Nenige no Reset (Yukari) :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 15 0 [MMD] Cherry Yuzuri by Nintendraw [MMD] Cherry Yuzuri :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 20 2 [FEMMD] Addiction (JUICY ver.) (TDA Corrin) by Nintendraw [FEMMD] Addiction (JUICY ver.) (TDA Corrin) :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 13 0 [FEMMD] JP Azura's Nohr Dance Lip+Face (WIP) by Nintendraw [FEMMD] JP Azura's Nohr Dance Lip+Face (WIP) :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 10 2


Celica by yagaminoue Celica :iconyagaminoue:yagaminoue 287 17 Pikachu Plush by Yukamina-Plushies Pikachu Plush :iconyukamina-plushies:Yukamina-Plushies 170 19 Caeldori by NOPEYS Caeldori :iconnopeys:NOPEYS 445 23 Bun by Azurellia Bun :iconazurellia:Azurellia 3 0 Arthur and Alphonse by EndlessRz Arthur and Alphonse :iconendlessrz:EndlessRz 306 39 [FE:F] Leo and Corrin [Collab] by b1tterRabbit [FE:F] Leo and Corrin [Collab] :iconb1tterrabbit:b1tterRabbit 89 4 Music BNK48 by NeoArtCorE Music BNK48 :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 1,739 29 Shadow Galaxy Lugia Beanie by areica Shadow Galaxy Lugia Beanie :iconareica:areica 33 0 Planet X by KilartDev Planet X :iconkilartdev:KilartDev 1,495 27 Elsa's New Dress by Artgerm Elsa's New Dress :iconartgerm:Artgerm 6,530 170 Pokemon: Vulpix Pokedoll V3 by sugarstitch Pokemon: Vulpix Pokedoll V3 :iconsugarstitch:sugarstitch 335 41 Shiori (commission) by Selenada Shiori (commission) :iconselenada:Selenada 1,202 46 [WOW] - Warrior Class Mount by Claparo-Sans [WOW] - Warrior Class Mount :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 1,652 27 For Yoonsi by shrimpHEBY For Yoonsi :iconshrimpheby:shrimpHEBY 391 20 2B - Cold rain by chaosringen 2B - Cold rain :iconchaosringen:chaosringen 973 12 Serment by Rosuuri Serment :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 2,749 74





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United States
--My Subreddit:

MMD Tips Compilation (forever WIP):

Favorite Music: Classical, Video Game, Soft Rock, Linkin Park
Favorite Games: Fire Emblem, LoZ, Pokemon, Mario, NINTENDO
This list will keep growing as I discover new tricks in MMD. Feel free to tell me yours in the comments!

I may sort this further if it gets too big.

If your stage has multiple floors, make thin plate rigid bodies and disable MMD's default floor.
- Render 360-degree videos in MMD with this:

- Keyboard shortcuts here:
- Setting rigid body masses equal to 0 is the same as setting no-calculation physics in MMD.

- You can set negative masses for some antigravity effects.
- By rigging each step in a staircase (along with necessary stair-rails) to a bone and chaining them all in an IK with Loop = 1 and Angle < 5 or 10, restricting angle movement to the Y-axis only, and setting the IK move bone to the last (e.g. highest) step, you can easily make spiral staircases. If starting with straight staircases, enabling Perspective view expedites the process.

- In FaceAndLips, you can import text files to auto-create vowel sliders. This only works for Japanese katakana/hiragana/kanji(?) and NOT Romaji or English.
  • Reading: university textbooks...
  • Playing: Fire Emblem


If anyone with FE:SoV (ROM) has access to the Oliphantier overclass (especially with Tobin in it), I'd love it to be ripped so that I can fanart it during the summer. I'm in love with that crossbow!
Somebody rip Zeke's battle model, shield, horse, and all out of FE:SoV so I can stare at him~ Darn game camera won't let me see his face zoomed in.
Art raffle by TheCecile!  end-of-hiatus RAFFLE [OPEN],end 6/27Edit5: Second Prize is added - we reached 200+ entries! Thank you~~! Also, 10 more days before this raffle ends ^w^
Edit4: 5 more~
Edit3: 15 people till second prize unlocked~ 
Edit2: I chose the request winner, Hannibaru! I will upload the art later~ I also removed mention of the request from this journal, to not confuse future entries to the raffle. (THE RAFFLE IS STILL ON GOING). Also, because the title of this journal changed, try not to accidentally enter twice haha.
On the other hand, there are almost 200 entries! Which means the 2nd prize is almost unlocked. Keep them coming, lovelies!
Edit: I will probably choose sometime today for the request. ^^ Already going through all entries (and new ones that come up!)
Hey guys! Here's to all my watchers who stuck around during my unexplained hiatus! Give me a reason to start drawing again,
guys ;)
There will be two potential winne

And custom model/part raffle by Avant-Garde3D!  Avant-Garde3D's DeviantArt Exclusive Raffle !!
hey guys ! i figured I'd make a few raffles for deviantart !
Here are the details:
| You must share this journal. [ You may share once a day for extra entries. ]
| You must be watching me [ If you unwatch after, you won't be able to participate in future contests ]
| When you're done, please comment that you've finished ! Your name then will be placed in the wavy baby jar !
| Like my facebook page, comment your name so I'll know its you [ +1 entries ] [ facebook ]
| Follow my Tumblr and re-blogging the contest post [ +1 entries each ] [ Tumblr ]
| Support me on Patreon [ +5 entries ] [ Patreon ]
I will be checking to see if you've done everything listed above.
I got FE:SoV! My homework can't go away fast enough for me to play it. :)
Huh. Just found out I was blocked by someone here that I've never spoken to in my life. I have an idea why, but i don't see why my actions were so terribly wrong, so a bit hasty with the judgment there (again, never met 'em before). o.o


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